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Scott Seegmiller, the Office Manager at Big League Law, brings a unique blend of legal expertise, cultural appreciation, and business acumen to the firm. With a lifelong passion for law and a dedication to helping injured individuals, Scott's background and experiences have shaped him into a valuable asset on the field.

Growing up across the street from his longtime friend, Kyle Wunderli, Scott's journey into the legal profession seemed destined from an early age. Racing go-karts around the neighborhood and sharing common interests in sports, their bond grew stronger as they discovered their fathers had attended law school together. This early connection laid the foundation for their eventual collaboration at Big League Law.

Scott's deep-rooted understanding of personal injury law stems from his upbringing surrounded by lawyers, with several family members sharing his passion for law. This exposure has equipped him with valuable insights into the lives of those who have been hurt and the profound impact accidents can have on individuals and their families.

During his time in law school, Scott honed his skills in empathy and the ability to appreciate opposing arguments, recognizing the value of understanding different perspectives. This emphasis on empathy has fueled his strong desire to genuinely help individuals from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, reflecting his time spent serving a mission for his church in Busan, South Korea. His love for Korea, its language, food, culture, and people has left a lasting impression on him.

In addition to his legal pursuits, Scott explored his creative side as a young man by pursuing acting. He appeared in several independent feature films and, after graduating from the University of Southern California, ventured into producing. This passion led him to establish his own global entertainment company, with offices in Singapore and South Korea. Through these ventures, Scott gained a deep appreciation for the diverse experiences of others and the power of building a synergistic team.

Now, as the Office Manager at Big League Law, Scott combines his legal knowledge, cultural understanding, and business expertise to facilitate collaboration among team members and clients, ensuring phenomenal results are achieved. His dedication to helping others and his commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to the firm.

Scott lives in San Clemente with his wife Zoe and their two puppies Daisy and Bruce Wayne. To reach Scott or to learn more about Big League Law, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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