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Personal Injury Attorney

What is Big League Law?

Big League Law is a homegrown Californian top performing personal injury law firm. We win cases by touching all the bases! 

1st - Winning Teamwork. 

In any successful team, each player plays a crucial role. Our collaborative approach to the practice of law echoes the synchronicity found in most elite sports teams, where communication, support, and a united front form the backbone of every successful outcome. With Big League Law, you’re not just getting representation; you’re gaining teammates devoted to navigating through each inning of your legal battle. When you’re on the injured list, our attorney and staff take the field daily on your behalf and rally around your needs to secure your success.

For example, the effects of “whiplash” which is an “abrupt snapping motion or change of direction resembling the lash of a whip” can happen at the blink of an eye, yet leave chronic pain that can last a lifetime.  Your personal injury is not a matter to be taken lightly, nor handled by an insurance adjuster looking to settle the claim as quickly and as cheaply as possible. When you hire an attorney with Big League Law, your injury, your rehabilitation, and the greatest possible financial outcome is our primary focus.

Of the 3 million or more people that suffer a whiplash injury every year, 43% will have chronic neck pain for the rest of their lives.


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No Win - No Fee - Guarantee

When we take your case, you become part of a Big League team. Our attorney and staff will do the legal heavy lifting, while your focus should be on recovering and rehabilitation from your injuries. Financial costs associated with recovery should not add to your stress load, so we do not charge any upfront legal fees or expenses for handling your personal injury case. Big League Law works on a contingency basis, meaning you only have to pay a fee when we win your case. We will never charge a fee unless we obtain a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

You might have noticed by now the sports theme we embrace here at Big League Law. While it is playful and fun, it also serves a more meaningful purpose. Typically sports can be played and enjoyed by most anyone at the beginner level; however, advancement to a professional level (or the "Big League") requires serious commitment, practice, and relentless pursuit of excellence. When you hire an attorney at this firm, you can expect a "Big Hitter". In other words, you'll be represented by someone that takes to your matter with the commitment, determination, and skills you'd expect from a serious professional.


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