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 The Big League Way



The first step in putting a big hitting personal injury attorney on your team is to call Big League Law and receive our free case evaluation. If the attorney agrees to take your case, you can begin focusing solely on tending to your injuries as our team takes over all aspects of your case. All communications with the insurance companies will be handled by your legal team which will be working to protect your rights, gather facts and evidence, and prepare your case for the biggest possible recovery.

(Meeting Your Attorney)



Your focus throughout your recovery should be on returning to good health and strength. We will assist by connecting you with top medical professionals that will diagnose and treat your injuries on a medical lien basis. This means there will be no upfront costs out of your pocket as your injuries are being treated. The medical bills will be paid later from settlement or verdict proceeds at the conclusion of your case. After all your injuries have been properly diagnosed and treated, we will be best prepared to begin gauging an appropriate settlement value on your personal injury claim.

(Treating Your Injuries)



Once we have a solid indication of a fair settlement value we can expect for your claim, we will prepare all documentation supporting your case and submit a demand package to the insurance company representing the at-fault party. The insurance company will attempt to minimize your injuries and undermine our demand; however, your attorney will use legal strategies to aggressively negotiate on your behalf to obtain the biggest recovery. We will promptly communicate to you all offers from the insurance company and only once we have arrived at the biggest settlement offer, and upon your approval, will we settle your case.

(Negotiating a Settlement Offer)



Most of the cases we handle at Big League Law are settled in the pre-litigation stage during the intense negotiations handled in the previous step. This is because going to trial often represents unnecessary risk that is often avoided by a fair settlement agreement. When your case settles, you will sign a settlement release and your case is officially closed for an agreed amount of financial compensation. After settlement, Big League Law will also go to bat for you to negotiate reductions in the medical bills from your medical providers, so you walk away with more money in your pocket.

(Pre-Litigation Settlement)



If we cannot obtain a reasonable settlement offer from the insurance company during pre-litigation settlement negotiations, we may need to file a lawsuit. We will file the suit on your behalf and take care of all the costs involved in litigating your case. These costs will be reimbursed from any settlement or verdict following the success of your suit.

(Filing a Lawsuit)



During this step, we prepare your case as if it will be going before a jury. Though jury trials for personal injury cases are quite rare, the level of preparation we engage in during this phase gives us the best chance of obtaining the biggest financial outcome for your case. We will gather all necessary evidence, hire expert witnesses to testify in support of your case, take depositions of all parties involved, and utilize other legal strategies to present your case at mediation or trial.

(Discovery & Depositions/Trial Preperation)



The last step before a jury trial is to take your case before a mediator that may help the insurance company realize the full value of your case. A mediator is a neutral party who discusses the case with both sides separately and confidentially and assists the parties in their negotiations to reach a settlement of the case. If mediation fails to achieve just compensation for your claim, a Big League lawyer will argue your case in trial and compensation for your injuries will be decided by a jury of your peers.

(Mediation & Trial)

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