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California Bus Accident Attorney-
Injury Lawyer

As fuel costs and personal vehicle expenses continue to rise, it’s no wonder why many California residents are turning to more cost effective forms of transportation. City buses, tour buses, airport shuttles, school buses, ski shuttle buses, trollies, and many other forms of public and private mass transportation offer a convenience that finds most of us using these services at some point or another.

Though they occur far less often than auto accidents, when a bus is involved in an accident, the consequences are often far more severe. Due to their immense size and weight, along with their limited passenger safety options, when a bus collides with an average sized automobile the consequences can be disastrous for all parties involved. Our Big League Law bus accident attorney can help any party injured in an accident involving any type of bus. He is well versed in the laws that govern bus accident claims in California and will assist you in determining the best way to pursue your personal injury claim.

Who Will Pay for My Personal Injuries Sustained in a Bus Accident?

In a bus accident case, it is more likely that multiple parties share a percentage of the fault. There is a greater level of complexity when determining liability in these cases. At Big League Law, our bus accident attorney will examine the facts and evidence in order to make a determination as to which parties may be liable for your personal injuries.

These parties might include:

  • The Bus Driver: If the driver of the bus was negligent or failed to obey traffic laws that caused the accident, a claim may be brought against the driver. Bus drivers are often an employee of a company or government entity, thus these entities would be held liable for the negligence of their employee.

  • Bus Maintenance Company: If the accident was caused by a mechanical failure due to the negligence of a company responsible for maintaining proper repair of the bus, your claim may be pursued against this company.

  • Bus or Auto Part Manufacturer: If a part defect caused the accident, this may be grounds for a claim against the manufacturer of the part, or its distributor.

  • Other Drivers: These cases often involve multiple parties and other drivers. If another driver was partially responsible for the bus accident, you may have a claim against the driver’s insurance company.

  • A Government Entity: Busses are often owned and operated by the city or another government entity. If the operator was at fault for the accident, your claim may be brought against the government entity. If the accident was caused by roadway is disrepair, the government entity may also be held liable for the faulty road condition.

Discuss Your Case With a Big League Law Bus Accident Attorney

California bus accidents are typically highly complex cases involving multiple parties represented by insurance companies with large policies at stake. It is important for anyone injured in a bus accident to NOT SPEAK WITH AN INSURANCE ADJUSTOR before consulting first with a bus accident attorney. Insurance companies will attempt to take a recorded statement and use tactics to reduce their liability and find reasons to undervalue an injured person’s claim. At Big League Law, our bus accident attorney will help protect your rights and pursue the maximum compensation for your injuries. If you’ve been involved in a bus accident, we provide a FREE case consultation.

Call (949) 414-6630 NOW or fill out our FREE Consultation Form and we’ll contact you when you’re ready.

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