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California Wrongful Death Attorney-
Injury Lawyer

Sometimes the negligent or wrongful acts of another can result in catastrophe that robs a victim of his/her life. While these cases may carry criminal penalties for the defendant, the civil law in California provides for a “wrongful death” claim to be made in order to compensate surviving family members for their loss of the deceased. The law is sensitive to the fact that when a person loses their life in an accident, that loss often has negative effects on the lives of numerous others. The wrongful death action is designed to provide compensation for certain persons who had depended on the deceased for financial and/or emotional support.

Who May File a Wrongful Death Claim in California?

In California the following parties may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim:

  • The surviving spouse if they were married at the time of death;

  • The surviving domestic partner;

  • The surviving children;

  • Those who would be entitled to the deceased’s property as if he or she did not have a will;

  • The deceased’s putative spouse, the children of the putative spouse, parents, or stepchildren of the deceased;

  • A minor that resided with the deceased for 180 days in the deceased’s home and was dependent on him or her for at least half of their support; or

  • A personal representative of the deceased

Wrongful death cases are often difficult and complex and carry the potential of multiple parties in interest. A sensitive and capable wrongful death attorney is an invaluable asset during the aftermath of these unfortunate events. No amount of money can satisfy the loss of a loved one; however, recovery from a wrongful death action is meant to reduce the burden and financial stress carried by the survivors.

Types of Wrongful Death Claims We Handle

Wrongful death claims arise from various circumstances and our attorney is capable of handling any of them. Here is a short list of some of the most common wrongful death cases:

  • Wrongful death due to medical malpractice;

  • Wrongful death due to nursing home abuse;

  • Wrongful death due to car accidents;

  • Wrongful death due to defective products;

  • Wrongful death due to drunk driving accidents;

  • Wrongful death due to truck accidents;

  • Wrongful death due to motorcycle accidents;

  • Wrongful death due to boat accidents;

  • Wrongful death due to negligent security;

  • Wrongful death due to slip and fall accidents;

  • And many more;

What Type of Damages are Recoverable in a Wrongful Death Action?

The two types of damages that survivors of the decedent may recover in a wrongful death action are “economic” and “non-economic” damages. The value of these damages can vary greatly from one case to another and our qualified wrongful death attorney will use the legal strategies available to obtain the maximum possible recovery. Economic damages refers to losses that can be objectively calculated such as:

  • Medical bills incurred by the deceased from the time of injury until death;

  • Burial and funeral costs;

  • Financial support that would have been contributed to the deceased’s family;

  • The loss of benefits or gifts that would have been given by the deceased to his/her heirs;

  • Compensation for household services that the deceased provided.

A qualified wrongful death attorney becomes increasingly important when proving non-economic damages which are those intangible losses such as:

  • Loss of society

  • Loss of support

  • Loss of affection, love, or comfort

  • Loss of companionship

Contact our Wrongful Death Attorney for a Free Consultation

As with every case we handle at Big League Law, we do not charge a fee for your case unless we win. If you have questions related to a wrongful death action in California, we are here to walk you through it and answer your questions during a free consultation. These types of cases necessitate a professional negotiator and litigator to help obtain the best possible recovery for the loss of a loved one. Insurance companies are not on your side and they will do everything possible to minimize the gravity of your loss and reduce their costs. Our attorney understands what it's like to lose a loved one and will fight on your behalf to obtain the biggest recovery possible. Call (949) 414-6630 NOW or fill out our FREE Consultation Form and we’ll contact you when you’re ready.

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