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California Boating Accident Attorney-
Injury Lawyer

Sunny California is home to some of the greatest lakes, rivers, and ocean providing year-round opportunity for boating and water sports. When accidents occur on the water, they often result in serious injury and emergency care. A personal injury or accidental death resulting from a boat accident requires an attorney that understands California’s boating laws and can help victims pursue the compensation needed to pay for medical bills and life altering circumstances. Whether the accident occurred on a personal watercraft, ski boat, yacht, inflatable, sailboat, canoe, or any other type of floatation device, our boat accident attorney is equipped with the legal knowledge and skills necessary to help maximize your claim.

What Types of Boating Accident Cases does Big League Law Handle?

Accidents on the water can occur in a variety of ways and yours may be completely different from any of the common cases. Even if the at-fault party wasn’t breaking any laws, there may still be other grounds to explore for a claim. A boating accident attorney can discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident and explore the options for your particular claim. The following is a list of common boat accidents from which our attorney can help you recover.

  • Speeding Accidents: Operating a watercraft at an excessive speed heightens the probability of an accident as the vessel becomes more difficult to control. If the accident occurred due to excessive speed, we can investigate the case and employ reconstruction experts to prove that the speed was a factor that contributed to the accident.

  • Boating Regulation Violations: California has laws specific for watercraft that governs who, where, and how a vessel must be operated. If the rules were violated, these may be the grounds upon which your personal injury claim can be pursued.

  • Alcohol-Related Accidents: Just as it is illegal to operate an automobile while inebriated, the same applies to watercraft. In fact, drinking while driving a boat is the number one cause of boating accidents in California. These cases often carry punitive damages that can elevate the compensation for personal injuries caused by this reckless behavior.

  • Propeller Injuries: When a propeller comes in contact with a passenger, the consequences are often severe. These cases almost always entail negligent operation of the watercraft.

  • Ejection Injuries and Others: Typically when someone is ejected from a watercraft, this happens at high speed and is the result of negligent operation. There are a variety of ways that passengers may be injured on a boat and the boat is often owned by a friend or family member. It’s important to remember that compensation to cover the unintended consequences of a boating accident typically comes from the owner’s insurance company rather than out of the owner’s pocket. Many claims aren’t pursued because the injured passenger fears harming a friendship relationship. Boat insurance exists to cover these rare circumstances.

Discuss Your Case With a Big League Law Boating Accident Attorney

At Big League Law, our boating accident attorney will help protect your rights and pursue the maximum compensation for your injuries. If you’ve been involved in a boating accident, we provide a FREE case consultation. Call (949) 414-6630 NOW or fill out our FREE Consultation Form and we’ll contact you when you’re ready.

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